SoCal Restaurant Show Interviews Seth Makowsky

SoCal Restaurant Show

SoCal Restaurant Show

SoCal Restaurant Show is hosted by Chef Jet Tila and Andy Harris and is the ultimate locals’ guide to food and restaurants and can be heard on the radio on AM 830 KLAA each Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Los Angeles, CA. This live, fast-moving, 90-minute interactive show sharing Jet’s vast global food knowledge is presented with a light and humorous edge. Substantive interviews with top celebrity chefs and entertaining culinary personalities are part of the weekly fun. Seth Makowsky was featured and interviewed on the So Cal Restaurant Show #79.

Seth Makowsky of the MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group recently relocated to Los Angeles from Orlando. He specializes in restructuring, advancing and creating restaurant companies. He is also a member of The Culinary Council for three square food bank in Las Vegas. Along the way he’s been mentored by Robert Earl (Earl of Sandwich and Planet Hollywood) and Andrew Cherng (Panda Express with some 2,000 units.) He started his hospitality career with Coca-Cola in Atlanta and then moved on to Orlando. Seth shares some valuable insights on what he does for multiple-unit restaurants.

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