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Chef Carmen Gonzalez Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Chef Carmen Gonzalez

  This week for #MRGTOP10 Seth Makowsky reached out to Chef Carmen Gonzalez. Carmen, a celebrated chef and culinary artist has over 25 years of experience under her belt. A graduate from the New York Restaurant School, Chef Carmen honed her skills at the fabled Quilted Giraffe. She moved on to open the extremely successful and critically […]

Seth Makowsky Interviews Chef Ben Ford #MRGTOP10

Chef Ben Ford sat down with MRG’s CEO Seth Makowsky and answered a new series we’ve started called #MRGTOP10. As you’ve probably guessed we’ll be grilling our favorite foodies, chefs and food experts with 10 juicy questions. For the month of July we’re starting with one of our favorite chefs and close friends Ben Ford. Ford recently released Taming The […]