Seth Makowsky Interviews Chef Ben Ford #MRGTOP10

Chef Ben Ford sat down with MRG’s CEO Seth Makowsky and answered a new series we’ve started called #MRGTOP10. As you’ve probably guessed we’ll be grilling our favorite foodies, chefs and food experts with 10 juicy questions. For the month of July we’re starting with one of our favorite chefs and close friends Ben Ford. Ford recently released Taming The Feast, a complete guide to outdoor grilling, smoking, and roasting for the home cook. He’s known for his feasts of epic proportions and  as a pioneer in the organic sustainable food movement. Chef Ford helps plan everything out for you from the side dishes and what to do with the leftovers to a magnificent Feast Playlist to get you into the cooking/grilling/smoking/roasting groove.

Chef Ben Ford steps up to the plate and answers #MRGTOP10’s Questions

  1. Seth Makowsky: Why did you become a chef?
    Ben Ford: I have always loved to cook. It was preordained in my case.
  2. Seth Makowsky: Dead or Alive, who would you most love to cook with?
    Ben Ford: Francis Mallmann, he’s an expert at cooking with fire.
  3. Seth Makowsky: What is your favorite thing to cook?
    Ben Ford: Paella
  4. Seth Makowsky: Best BBQ you’ve had? Why?
    Ben Ford: You and I baby at Black’s BBQ in Lockheart, TX. and I have the pictures to prove it. One word, barbequeasy!
  5. Seth Makowsky: Funniest kitchen mishap/incident?
    Ben Ford: Can’t say but involved chile peppers and milk down the pants.
  6. Seth Makowsky: Childhood food that you still won’t eat?
    Ben Ford: Sardines from the can.
  7. Seth Makowsky: Staple junk food in your pantry?
    Ben Ford: Chocolate covered almonds
  8. Seth Makowsky: Your death row meal?
    Ben Ford: Ramen
  9. Seth Makowsky: Your absolute must have kitchen item?
    Ben Ford: Morter and pastel and pepper mill
  10. Seth Makowsky: Ok Chef Ben Ford, last question how are you spending 4th of July?
    Ben Ford: At the grill with a beer in my hand and something outrageous on the grill.

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