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Secret Restaurants: Seth Makowsky delves into the underground world of haute cuisine


Love hunting down the impossible reservation? Seth Makowsky is delving into the underground world of Secret Restaurants and gives you a glimpse into our top picks. We all love to achieve the impossible. Why should dinner reservations be any different? It’s not enough to get a coveted table at a restaurant with an impossible reservation list, […]

CEO Brian Burton Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Brian Burton President & CEO of Three Square Food Bank

“No matter who we are, no matter what circumstance we’re in, we’re all in the same boat. Our destinies are intertwined.” – Brian Burton, President & CEO Three Square Food Bank This week Seth Makowsky tracked down Brian Burton, President & CEO of Three Square Food Bank, for our #MRGTOP10 Q&A series. Brian has an extensive background […]

Author Allen Salkin Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Allen Salkin Food Writer

Author Allen Salkin Answers #MRGTOP10 Welcome back to the third installment of #MRGTOP10! This week Seth Makowsky has the incomparable food and trend writer Allen Salkin. Allen is well known as an expert on pop culture and food media. He’s also a frequent editor and creator on’s Food Writing and Cookbooks plus a menagerie of […]