Secret Restaurants: Seth Makowsky delves into the underground world of haute cuisine



Love hunting down the impossible reservation? Seth Makowsky is delving into the underground world of Secret Restaurants and gives you a glimpse into our top picks.

We all love to achieve the impossible. Why should dinner reservations be any different? It’s not enough to get a coveted table at a restaurant with an impossible reservation list, no, we NEED more. We want to eat at a restaurant so exclusive, its location is a secret. We’re not talking trendy speakeasies, we are fully engaged in a grown-up version of hide-and-seek. We’re sharing our top 5 with you. If you get a reservation before us, please invite us along. Bear in mind these secret restaurants are serving up multi-course meals, not just fancy drinks. Come hungry!

Number ONE
Club 33 – Anaheim, CA

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Located within Disneyland next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant in the heart of the New Orleans Square. This is a private club and not open to the public, rumors say there’s only 500 members & the waitlist averages 14 years. The club is furnished with many props from Disney films and artwork hand-painted by Disney artists adorn the walls. Club 33’s menu consists of a French inspired of either 5 or 6 courses, we heard the petit angus filet mignon is a top choice when ordering. 

Number TWO é by José Andrés – Las Vegas, NV


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A small intimate venue located behind a hidden door in the tapas restaurant, Jaleo, located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Here you’ll indulge in theatrical dining with molecular gastronomy. You can expect a 15 – 18 course meal if you can secure a reservation. é only seats 9 guests and books out 3 months. There’s no phone and all reservations are done by email, once you secure a reservation you’ll receive a golden ticket Willy Wonka style.

Number THREE
Bohemian Restaurant – New York, NY

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A quick trip to their website shows that the building itself was originally owned by Andy Warhol as a hideout for the bohemians of the 21st century, most notably Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not much else is given up, especially the phone number or address. However, if you really want in, you can always send a brief introduction of yourself to their email to *try* and gain access. Otherwise, this is a case of knowing someone who already has access to get in. We’ve gleaned a little street info, the Bohemian is located behind a nondescript butcher shop on Greater Jones Street. Once inside, we hear the must try menu item is the Uni Croquette: sweet uni topped on a crunchy shell of croquette and a soft mushroom mousse inside. A bit of Japan tucked away in NYC.

Number FOUR Vernon’s Speakeasy – Los Ranchos, NM


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Is a speakeasy style steakhouse with a password that changes weekly. You must look for it (of course there’s no signage) behind a hidden door in Los Ranchos Liquors, you’ll rap on the door 3 times, a small window will slide open then you deliver the password to get in. Top menu item to try is the 16oz 21-day dry-aged NY Strip. Char-grilled and topped with black truffle garnish, limited availability naturally.

Number FIVE
Wolvesden – Los Angeles, CA

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This one is a bit different, not an actual restaurant. It’s small intimate dining in Chef Craig Thornton’s personal loft. Dinner is around 10 courses of high-quality ingredients. Typically the menu is decided just hours before the party and the parties last around 3 hours give or take. They have a mailing list to sign up for the dinner party with only 12 guests being invited at a time. There’s no wait staff so, it’s appreciated if you take your dishes to the kitchen. There’s also no bar, so BYOB or you’ll get water. Don’t be impatient sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to get onto the reservation list, this is a 2 man/woman show, they will respond; not always speedily. Let it be known if you’re a no-show you’ll be banished for life, be kind RSVP and give ample time if you do need to cancel. Pricing is up to you, your cash donation allows Wolvesden to continue hosting the dinner parties on a regular basis. FAQ

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