Monthly Archives: September 2015

Joe Essa Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Joe Essa, President of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. Seth Makowsky caught up with Joe Essa, President of Wolfgang Puck, for this month’s #MRGTOP10. Joe Essa started with Wolfgang Puck in 1999 as the Managing Partner of Operations. He assisted with the day to day operations and finances of the 15 fine dining Wolfgang Puck restaurants. By […]

NY Sun Works: Hydroponics & the 21st Century Classroom

Is the future of farming in NYC public schools?   NY Sun Works NY Sun Works is a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. Through their Greenhouse Project Initiative, they use hydroponics and aquaponics  farming technology to educate students (K through 12th grade) and teachers about science, the environment, and sustainability. #science barge #greenhouse […]