Top Food & Lifestyle Publicist Rebecca Brooks answers the #MRGTop10




Learn more about Top Food & Lifestyle Publicist Rebecca Brooks, as she answers the #MRGTop10.

Rebecca Brooks is the Founder and President of the Manhattan PR agency, The Brooks Group. She is renown for helping to shape and steer the growth and development of some of the most influential and innovative brands in the lifestyle space with an approach that blends full-service marketing and communications capabilities. Rebecca combines smart and creative storytelling capabilities, strong relationships with media and influencers, and an in-depth understanding of the businesses and industries she represents by staying on top of the evolving media world, trends and digital landscape. All to create relevant and sophisticated campaigns that resonate.

  1. The best thing you’ve ever eaten and why? That’s almost like asking me to choose a favorite kid…over the years I’ve cooked with just about every client and each time I think it can’t get better…but it does.
  2. Childhood food that you still won’t eat? Olives
  3. Dead or alive who would you most love to cook, dine or work with? Hands down my mom – she passed away 12 years ago and I miss her every single day!
  4. Why did you decide to become a leader in food PR  biz? It was a wonderful accident – a friend asked me to take a meeting with Rachael Ray in the early 2000’s  – at the time I wasn’t interested in ‘food PR’ and she had no interest in hiring a publicist.   We both went into the meeting rolling our eyes, but instantly connected and she hired us the next day.   I fell in love with the food lifestyle business and am inspired by my clients every day. 
  5. Funniest work-related mishap/incident? In the early days of running the business, I wore many hats including modeling clients products on television. We represented a product called Curves Invisible Breast Enhancers and in addition to booking the client on talk shows, I became their on-air model to demonstrate how the product worked (before and after). During an appearance on The Montel Williams Show, I walked on set to demo the “after” and within a moment Montel had a funny look on his face and then the producer walked over to tell me my Curves were crooked.
  6. How has the business changed during your career? Wow, I there isn’t enough space to even touch on all the changes in the PR biz over the past 20 years. To put it into perspective, in 1995 there was no internet so we pitched media over the phone and via fax… I can’t remember my kids cell numbers but I can tell you the fax for Good Day NY was 212-452-3618.
  7. Staple junk food in your pantry? Hershey’s peanut butter chocolate ice cream.
  8. What is your best career accomplishment to date? Celebrating 20 years in business and going to work every single day with a smile.
  9. What is your favorite aspect of your business? The reward of being an integral part of a client’s team and being instrumental in the growth of their business and notoriety.
  10. Who is your biggest culinary inspiration and why? Over the years, I’ve been inspired from various viewpoints.  Rachael for her “if I can do it, you can do it” attitude, Guy Fieri for turning me into a Kulinary Gangsta and Andrew Zimmern for shining the spotlight not only on creative cooking, but impactful ways to think about, create and live with food.


  1. Favorite restaurant you’d recommend? Tomo Cuisine in East Hanover, NJ. I’ve known Tomo for 25 years – he is an incredibly passionate chef from Japan who closes shop in NJ every few years to spend time honing his skill in Japan… then he re-opens in a new location and every meal is perfection.
  2. Your absolute must have kitchen item? My Andrew Zimmern Sarten Carbon Steel Paella Pan – I make everything in it!
  3. Your death row meal? Sushi & ice cream… and a lot of it!

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