Makowsky Group Interviews Jake Frank Managing Director, Hotels and Corporate Development for Gategroup

Jake Frank

Jake Frank, Managing Director, Hotels and Corporate Development for Gategroup

Jake Frank is seasoned, diverse executive and change agent with over 20 years of experience in successfully leading organizations and teams to deliver tangible results.
“I believe the real foodies need to take back the word “Foodie” from the pretenders.  Bottom line, being a foodie must be about sharing the enjoyment of ALL types of food with ALL types of people.  I believe in the religion of food and its power to bring people together.  The world has a better chance of agreeing on food than anything else.  Let’s eat!”
  1. The best thing you’ve ever eaten and why? Mom’s mac and cheese, and if you have to ask why then I can’t explain it.
  2. Childhood food that you still won’t eat? Lima beans
  3. Dead or alive who would you most love to cook, dine or work with? Albert Einstein
  4. Why did you decide to become a leader in the restaurant biz? Passion for food and helping others to experience the joy it brings
  5. Funniest food or work-related mishap/incident? A customer found a bolt in one of our sandwiches, still chose to eat the entire sandwich and then his wife demanded a refund plus extra compensation
  6. How has the business changed during your career? Food has gotten way, way too complex.  The basics are still the best.
  7. Most challenging ingredient to work with? Apathy
  8. Staple junk food in your pantry? Microwave popcorn
  9. What is your best career accomplishment to date? Launched buy-on-board program across the world’s largest airline
  10. What is your favorite aspect of your business? Food people are good people

Bonus time!

  1. Who is your biggest culinary inspiration and why? Anthony Bourdain because he is open to everything
  2. Favorite restaurant you’d recommend? French Laundry – if you have the money
  3. Your absolute must have kitchen item? Oversized sink
  4.  1Your death row meal? Bone-in ribeye

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