Catering Case Study

Increase Same-Store Sales of a Multi-Billion Dollar Quick Serve Restaurant by 10%.

Makowsky Group was given full autonomy and free range throughout the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Company, but without a designated budget or dedicated personnel. Therefore, we focused on opportunity areas. At the onset of the project, catering represented less than 1% of annual sales, due to an unsuccessful performance in the past.


  • Created a third party catering company for Panda Express.
  • Increase catering from 1% to 10% of annual company revenue.


  • Evaluated technology and database options.
  • Developed and executed ideas for successful catering operations.
  • Created marketing collateral to share with customers.
  • Hired, retained, and inspired “A-player” sales representatives.
  • Implemented a bonus program, providing high incentive to A-Players.
  • Lined up potential new candidates for hire.
  • Model reps generated 15x salary.
  • Performed local store marketing on a weekly basis.
  • Food runs for guests to sample. Local marketing couponing and information during off-peak catering hours.
  • Fostered daily meetings with general management and operations team, in addition to area-wide team meetings to coordinate successful rollout.
  • Trained associates to deliver customer satisfaction at every interaction. 
  • Encouraged follow-up with customers after every delivery.
  • Supported store during short-staffing/start-up.
  • Increased store hourly bonus.
  • Managed overflow orders through store network.
  • Create a map of local businesses, top leads, and potential leads. Build a strong relationship with top contacts.


  • Increased sales by double-digits within 90 days.
  • Increased catering sales to over $18K per period.
  • Experienced multiple days where sales exceeded $3000/store, with a record of $4400/store in sales per day.