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The Chess Lifestyle by Seth Makowsky Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

Beverly Hills Lifestyle Article The Chess Lifestyle

The Chess Life Style Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, “The Chess Lifestyle”, written by Seth Makowsky published June 6, 2017  Chess is a game that holds a lot of intrigue, including to those who don’t play. It’s challenging, and to be really good at it, you have to have something special. But the big secret behind chess […]

Seth Makowsky Profile in Global Gaming Magazine

Seth Makowsky featured in Global Gaming Magazine

Seth Makowsky, CEO of MG, Makowsky Group’s 40 under 40 profile in Global Gaming Magazine Vol. 15, No. 5, May 2016, Emerging Leaders Food for Thought Whether it is working for a mentor or eventually becoming a business partner, Seth Makowsky, founder of Makowsky Group (MG), has proven that he can make restaurants and food and […]

Makowsky Group Interviews Jake Frank Managing Director, Hotels and Corporate Development for Gategroup

Jake Frank

Jake Frank, Managing Director, Hotels and Corporate Development for Gategroup “I believe the real foodies need to take back the word “Foodie” from the pretenders.  Bottom line, being a foodie must be about sharing the enjoyment of ALL types of food with ALL types of people.  I believe in the religion of food and its power to […]

Seth Makowsky Named to GGB’s 40 Under 40

Youth Movement: GGB’s 40 Under 40 recognizes the true future of the gaming industry By GGB Staff   Wed, Oct 21, 2015 Ponce de Leon isn’t the only one who has searched for the Fountain of Youth. Once it’s gone, youth can never be recaptured, which is why admiration for people who achieve great things […]

2016 Food Trends

1. Spice: Flavor not Heat Spice is no longer regulated to the hot category alone. “Consumers are looking for a complex depth of flavor to accompany their burn” according to Seth Makowsky of Makowsky Restaurant Group. Look for spices to influence everything from breakfast to cocktails: Trend in action: The condiment, Harissa, is a spicy […]

Caution Food Allergies Ahead

There is a major benefit to running an allergy- or celiac-friendly shop: customer loyalty. “The establishments that are catering to guests with dietary restrictions are drawing steady business from an underserved market—comprised of not only the 15 million Americans and with food allergies, but also their family members as well,” according to Seth Makowsky, Founder and […]

Top Food & Lifestyle Publicist Rebecca Brooks answers the #MRGTop10


  Learn more about Top Food & Lifestyle Publicist Rebecca Brooks, as she answers the #MRGTop10. Rebecca Brooks is the Founder and President of the Manhattan PR agency, The Brooks Group. She is renown for helping to shape and steer the growth and development of some of the most influential and innovative brands in the lifestyle space with […]

Trick or Treat: The Art of Beautiful Food

Trick or Treat: The Art of Beautiful Food

“Whether you are a chef, F&B industry leader, foodie or an eater, we all enjoy eating with our eyes.” – Seth Makowsky, Founder & CEO MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group Each of the resources below boasts gorgeous food photography, design, and, in many cases, an unique approach to the concept of food that earn them a place […]

Joe Essa Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Joe Essa, President of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc. Seth Makowsky caught up with Joe Essa, President of Wolfgang Puck, for this month’s #MRGTOP10. Joe Essa started with Wolfgang Puck in 1999 as the Managing Partner of Operations. He assisted with the day to day operations and finances of the 15 fine dining Wolfgang Puck restaurants. By […]

NY Sun Works: Hydroponics & the 21st Century Classroom

Is the future of farming in NYC public schools?   NY Sun Works NY Sun Works is a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. Through their Greenhouse Project Initiative, they use hydroponics and aquaponics  farming technology to educate students (K through 12th grade) and teachers about science, the environment, and sustainability. #science barge #greenhouse […]