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Secret Restaurants: Seth Makowsky delves into the underground world of haute cuisine


Love hunting down the impossible reservation? Seth Makowsky is delving into the underground world of Secret Restaurants and gives you a glimpse into our top picks. We all love to achieve the impossible. Why should dinner reservations be any different? It’s not enough to get a coveted table at a restaurant with an impossible reservation list, […]

CEO Brian Burton Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Brian Burton President & CEO of Three Square Food Bank

“No matter who we are, no matter what circumstance we’re in, we’re all in the same boat. Our destinies are intertwined.” – Brian Burton, President & CEO Three Square Food Bank This week Seth Makowsky tracked down Brian Burton, President & CEO of Three Square Food Bank, for our #MRGTOP10 Q&A series. Brian has an extensive background […]

Author Allen Salkin Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Allen Salkin Food Writer

Author Allen Salkin Answers #MRGTOP10 Welcome back to the third installment of #MRGTOP10! This week Seth Makowsky has the incomparable food and trend writer Allen Salkin. Allen is well known as an expert on pop culture and food media. He’s also a frequent editor and creator on’s Food Writing and Cookbooks plus a menagerie of […]

Chef Carmen Gonzalez Answers Seth Makowsky’s #MGTOP10

Chef Carmen Gonzalez

  This week for #MRGTOP10 Seth Makowsky reached out to Chef Carmen Gonzalez. Carmen, a celebrated chef and culinary artist has over 25 years of experience under her belt. A graduate from the New York Restaurant School, Chef Carmen honed her skills at the fabled Quilted Giraffe. She moved on to open the extremely successful and critically […]

Seth Makowsky Interviews Chef Ben Ford #MRGTOP10

Chef Ben Ford sat down with MRG’s CEO Seth Makowsky and answered a new series we’ve started called #MRGTOP10. As you’ve probably guessed we’ll be grilling our favorite foodies, chefs and food experts with 10 juicy questions. For the month of July we’re starting with one of our favorite chefs and close friends Ben Ford. Ford recently released Taming The […]

The Food Hall Revolution: Welcome to your new neighborhood hangout.

Food halls have been in existence in one form or another for hundreds of years. One of the oldest food halls in existence in Borough Market in London, England is over 250 years old. The modern food hall as we now it began with Eataly; founded in an old vermouth factory in Italy in early […]

Las Vegas Restaurant Week: Together, We Can Feed Everyone

Seth Makowsky of MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group is pround to feature Three Square Food Bank for the month of May. Three Square’s mission is to provide wholesome food to hungry people while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community. They are doing just that with the ninth annual Las Vegas Restaurant Week, June 15th – 26th. Twelve delicious […]

Delivery 2.0: Food at Your Fingertips by Seth Makowsky

  “The way we order, produce, package, sell, deliver, think of, and consume food is changing rapidly.”– Seth Makowsky, Makowsky Restaurant Group. “There is a rise of exceptional eateries with high-quality, pre-made food,” according to Seth Makowsky, CEO and Founder of Makowsky Restaurant Group. “The way we order, produce, package, sell, deliver, think of, and […]

Winners! MG & Fentress Paper Airplane Contest

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone’s entries. Contest Category Winners Most Unique Location – Michèle Borchardt Ancient pyramids, your favorite coffee shop, maybe a national landmark. Just keep it safe and legal.   FIRST CLASS passage on @makowskyrg & @fentressarchitects w/chef @expandingpalates for his American […]

Now Boarding: Airport of the Future

“Every airport was once the airport of the future. Though our imaginations can take flight, our practical role today is to lay their foundation. The changes we implement in the present build upon one another, year after year, to create the future.”  – Curtis Fentress, Fentress Architects Seth Makowsky of MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group teams up with […]