Catering Development

Makowsky Group is an innovative specialist in building and developing off-premise sales and catering revenue streams. As skilled catering consultants, we provide independent practical advice on driving optimal performance. In a constantly evolving environment, with more knowledgeable and ravenous consumers, a great deal of planning is needed. Makowsky Group can help you pare down the choices and find the right course of action in a world with so many alternatives vying for your attention. As an operator, you know that improving your current business is all about strategy and execution. Makowsky Group can assess your current catering operations and make meaningful, yet tasteful, changes to improve sales and profits for long-term sustainability.

Catering Management

By design, management is focused on reducing operating costs to achieve greater profit. However, catering is a business unto itself and must be managed accordingly. Makowsky Group incorporates our proven process into your catering program to streamline operations, deliver measurable financial results, and build a loyal following. We understand and are passionate about achieving top results at every step of the way.