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2016 Food Trends

1. Spice: Flavor not Heat Spice is no longer regulated to the hot category alone. “Consumers are looking for a complex depth of flavor to accompany their burn” according to Seth Makowsky of Makowsky Restaurant Group. Look for spices to influence everything from breakfast to cocktails: Trend in action: The condiment, Harissa, is a spicy […]

Caution Food Allergies Ahead

There is a major benefit to running an allergy- or celiac-friendly shop: customer loyalty. “The establishments that are catering to guests with dietary restrictions are drawing steady business from an underserved market—comprised of not only the 15 million Americans and with food allergies, but also their family members as well,” according to Seth Makowsky, Founder and […]

Trick or Treat: The Art of Beautiful Food

Trick or Treat: The Art of Beautiful Food

“Whether you are a chef, F&B industry leader, foodie or an eater, we all enjoy eating with our eyes.” – Seth Makowsky, Founder & CEO MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group Each of the resources below boasts gorgeous food photography, design, and, in many cases, an unique approach to the concept of food that earn them a place […]

Secret Restaurants: Seth Makowsky delves into the underground world of haute cuisine


Love hunting down the impossible reservation? Seth Makowsky is delving into the underground world of Secret Restaurants and gives you a glimpse into our top picks. We all love to achieve the impossible. Why should dinner reservations be any different? It’s not enough to get a coveted table at a restaurant with an impossible reservation list, […]

The Food Hall Revolution: Welcome to your new neighborhood hangout.

Food halls have been in existence in one form or another for hundreds of years. One of the oldest food halls in existence in Borough Market in London, England is over 250 years old. The modern food hall as we now it began with Eataly; founded in an old vermouth factory in Italy in early […]

Las Vegas Restaurant Week: Together, We Can Feed Everyone

Seth Makowsky of MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group is pround to feature Three Square Food Bank for the month of May. Three Square’s mission is to provide wholesome food to hungry people while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community. They are doing just that with the ninth annual Las Vegas Restaurant Week, June 15th – 26th. Twelve delicious […]

Delivery 2.0: Food at Your Fingertips by Seth Makowsky

  “The way we order, produce, package, sell, deliver, think of, and consume food is changing rapidly.”– Seth Makowsky, Makowsky Restaurant Group. “There is a rise of exceptional eateries with high-quality, pre-made food,” according to Seth Makowsky, CEO and Founder of Makowsky Restaurant Group. “The way we order, produce, package, sell, deliver, think of, and […]

Now Boarding: Airport of the Future

“Every airport was once the airport of the future. Though our imaginations can take flight, our practical role today is to lay their foundation. The changes we implement in the present build upon one another, year after year, to create the future.”  – Curtis Fentress, Fentress Architects Seth Makowsky of MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group teams up with […]

Seth Makowsky is featured in “Making Sense of Non-Gaming Spend”

Global Gaming Business Magazine interviews Seth Makowsky in “Making Sense of Non-Gaming Spend” By Rodric J. Bradford   Fri, Jan 23, 2015 Casino Cooking Culture Guy Fieri. Gordon Ramsay. Rick Moonen. Giada de Laurentiis. Now, when you walk on the Vegas Strip, you often don’t know if you are in the iconic Sin City, or […]

10 Cutting Edge Food Trends for 2015 by Seth Makowsky

MRG 2015 - 10 Cutting Edge Trends

Seth Makowsky of MRG Makowsky Restaurant Group predicts the Food Trends for 2015. Brinner, Asian Infusion, new avenues for delivery and more! 1. Brinner: It’s What’s for Dinner! Breakfast + Dinner = Brinner There is simply not enough time during the week to cook and eat breakfast. As a result breakfast is making its way […]